Mani Inspired Makeup

I have received many compliments and comments on this week’s Mani of the Week and I was inspired to design a coordinating eye makeup, because shouldn’t just more than a girl’s shoes and handbag match?  I say Yes!!

Before I show the eye makeup design, allow me to offer a guide to what you will be seeing.  Part of what I do as an Independent Beauty Consultant is to show people how to create and apply makeup designs according to their skill level as well as comfort level or lifestyle. I have created the following levels to help me assess what type of look my clients are looking for.

Level I:  may be for you if you are just starting to wear makeup or like a “light touch” or natural makeup look but still want to follow trends.

Level II:  may be for you if you have experience with makeup or like a “done up” look without being too over the top.

Level III: may be for you if your makeup bag is overflowing with all types of products or you are looking for a “clubbing” type look.

These levels in no way have any hidden meaning or define anything other the basic question of how would you like to apply your makeup today? Personally, I hop between them all depending upon the day, my mood, and which shoes I am wearing.  It all comes back to the shoes! :)My final disclaimer before I show the designs is this: I am not, I repeat NOT a photographer and am still searching for the best light in my apartment that does not make everything look yellow or extremely washed out.

Level I:

1) Sweep pale green eyeshadow over entire eye.

2) With dark purple eyeshadow create “C” in the crease to define eye.

3) Lightly line eye with black line and sweep lengthening mascara along upper lashes.

Products used:

Pale Green: Avon True Shadow Eyeshadow Quad in Fresh Cut Greens

Purple: Lancome eyeshadow in Trendy

Eyeliner: Avon Extend liner in black

Mascara: Avon Extend Extreme in black

Level II:

Follow the same steps as for Level I, just add more!!

The eyeliner is drawn out a bit more and gets thicker at the edge.

All of the products are the same except for the eyeliner and mascara.

Eyeliner: Avon Metallic Black Liquid Liner

Mascara: Avon Super Shock Max

Level III:

Again, same products however I used a wet application  and brought the pale green under the inside of my eye and the purple under the outside of my eye.  The eyeliner is drawn in a thicker line and totally around the eyes. I also added a white eyeshadow starting at the inner corner of my eye and into the browbone. For that additional oomph I added false eyelashes that have been cut down and applied to the outer lash section.

Additional products:

Browbone: Lancome eyeshadow in Flash

Eyelashes: False lashes from Sally’s

Here is what my final interpretation of this week’s Mani of the Week looks like!

Cheeks: MAC Oh So Fair

Lips: Mark Make It Rich in Royale







I hope you enjoy this look and let me know if you try it out! I promise my next look post will (hopefully) not be so wordy.  Remember that no matter if the eyeliner is wonky or the mascara is clumpy to God you are “wonderfully made” and utterly beautiful!

One thought on “Mani Inspired Makeup

  1. jeditink says:

    I love how you have the different levels of makeup. Though mostly I’m a Level II, sometimes I whip out the Level III for costuming or parties. Very beautiful look! MORE!

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