Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!

I love Halloween and as a treat for everyone I am unveiling a new monthly entry to my blog!

This new monthly feature brings me back to the foundation of my love for makeup which all began while I was in college as a Theatre major.  I enjoyed  my acting classes, but I adored the makeup classes.  Being able to design and create makeup for characters was just so much fun and I found that it is a great way to express your character without saying any words.

So without further ado or for those of you who did not immediately scroll to the pictures,  I bring you my


Fantasy Makeup Segment!

Products: Paradise Makeup AQ in Basic & Pastel palettes.

I thought a Day of the Dead look would be a great fit for today’s Halloween unveil!

I loved looking at the many images and interpretations of this makeup style.  Each interpretation is unique to the individual person and each were just so beautiful to look at.  I absolutely love when I can find ideas/looks where really there are no right or wrongs!
Wishing everyone a great and safe day today.

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