Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!

I love Halloween and as a treat for everyone I am unveiling a new monthly entry to my blog!

This new monthly feature brings me back to the foundation of my love for makeup which all began while I was in college as a Theatre major.  I enjoyed  my acting classes, but I adored the makeup classes.  Being able to design and create makeup for characters was just so much fun and I found that it is a great way to express your character without saying any words.

So without further ado or for those of you who did not immediately scroll to the pictures,  I bring you my


Fantasy Makeup Segment!

Products: Paradise Makeup AQ in Basic & Pastel palettes.

I thought a Day of the Dead look would be a great fit for today’s Halloween unveil!

I loved looking at the many images and interpretations of this makeup style.  Each interpretation is unique to the individual person and each were just so beautiful to look at.  I absolutely love when I can find ideas/looks where really there are no right or wrongs!
Wishing everyone a great and safe day today.

Mani Monday 10/29/12

Good Morning and Happy Mani Monday!!

This week I had the time to complete my ode to Tim Burton with a manicure inspired by “The Corpse Bride.”   What I love about this movie, aside from the stunning visuals, is the story.  I am a sucker for a love story.  Yes even one that may be a wee bit off the beaten path.

Here are the colors for this look.

Base: Avon Urban Gray  3 coats

Colors: Avon Absinthe, OPI Greece Just Blew Me Away, Avon Licorice
Wishing everyone a great week!  See you soon!!!!

Mani Monday 10/15/12

It’s just another Mani Monday ooh-ooh!
In scheming up ideas for this week’s mani it came to me.  Create my ode to Tim Burton through nails!  So here it is, this week’s mani inspired by “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”  This is my all-time favorite holiday movie and I adore when this theme takes over the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.  This week I am not only posting the finished product but the steps I took as well.  Enjoy!


Step 1)

Base coat: OPI: Greece Just Blew Me Away

2 coats



Step 2)

Kinda created a V at the tip but any quasi design would work.

OPI: Movin’ Out



Step 3)

Just made one last stripe.

Avon:  Gleaming Gold



okay-this is the slightly tricky part, but if I can do it so can you!

Step 4)

Using a thin paintbrush painted on black stitches by following the blocks of color.

Avon: Licorice



and here is what I added for an additional bit of whimsy

Hmmm…I am suddenly in the mood to watch a movie.  Wonder which one I should watch?

Have a great week and see you next Monday!

Mani Inspired Makeup

I have received many compliments and comments on this week’s Mani of the Week and I was inspired to design a coordinating eye makeup, because shouldn’t just more than a girl’s shoes and handbag match?  I say Yes!!

Before I show the eye makeup design, allow me to offer a guide to what you will be seeing.  Part of what I do as an Independent Beauty Consultant is to show people how to create and apply makeup designs according to their skill level as well as comfort level or lifestyle. I have created the following levels to help me assess what type of look my clients are looking for.

Level I:  may be for you if you are just starting to wear makeup or like a “light touch” or natural makeup look but still want to follow trends.

Level II:  may be for you if you have experience with makeup or like a “done up” look without being too over the top.

Level III: may be for you if your makeup bag is overflowing with all types of products or you are looking for a “clubbing” type look.

These levels in no way have any hidden meaning or define anything other the basic question of how would you like to apply your makeup today? Personally, I hop between them all depending upon the day, my mood, and which shoes I am wearing.  It all comes back to the shoes! :)My final disclaimer before I show the designs is this: I am not, I repeat NOT a photographer and am still searching for the best light in my apartment that does not make everything look yellow or extremely washed out.

Level I:

1) Sweep pale green eyeshadow over entire eye.

2) With dark purple eyeshadow create “C” in the crease to define eye.

3) Lightly line eye with black line and sweep lengthening mascara along upper lashes.

Products used:

Pale Green: Avon True Shadow Eyeshadow Quad in Fresh Cut Greens

Purple: Lancome eyeshadow in Trendy

Eyeliner: Avon Extend liner in black

Mascara: Avon Extend Extreme in black

Level II:

Follow the same steps as for Level I, just add more!!

The eyeliner is drawn out a bit more and gets thicker at the edge.

All of the products are the same except for the eyeliner and mascara.

Eyeliner: Avon Metallic Black Liquid Liner

Mascara: Avon Super Shock Max

Level III:

Again, same products however I used a wet application  and brought the pale green under the inside of my eye and the purple under the outside of my eye.  The eyeliner is drawn in a thicker line and totally around the eyes. I also added a white eyeshadow starting at the inner corner of my eye and into the browbone. For that additional oomph I added false eyelashes that have been cut down and applied to the outer lash section.

Additional products:

Browbone: Lancome eyeshadow in Flash

Eyelashes: False lashes from Sally’s

Here is what my final interpretation of this week’s Mani of the Week looks like!

Cheeks: MAC Oh So Fair

Lips: Mark Make It Rich in Royale







I hope you enjoy this look and let me know if you try it out! I promise my next look post will (hopefully) not be so wordy.  Remember that no matter if the eyeliner is wonky or the mascara is clumpy to God you are “wonderfully made” and utterly beautiful!

Mani Monday 10/8/12

Happy Monday! What better way to start off a new week than with a new set of nails!

This week’s mani is inspired by the short and now feature film “Frankenweenie”!  I loved the short film when it first came out and am so excited to see the full-length film. Tim Burton continues to inspire me in the realm of “what if” through his storytelling and design and I am a sucker for the “what if”.  Before I compose an ode to Tim Burton let me show you the nails!


The colors featured are Absinthe, Licorice, and Decadence and are all available from Avon.

Here are the three reasons why I go with Avon nail colors.

         1) The price.  Right now the nail colors are just $3.49 each

         2) The wear.  Let’s face it, I can make every nail enamel chip off in 1 day or less even the excessively expensive guaranteed to stay for weeks kind.  This stays on for up to a week for me even without a top coat.

         3) I sell it.  Okay there it is, I sell Avon and try all the products.

So I am hooked on the Avon nail colors.  If you want to be hooked too check them out at http://www.youravon.com/mharr.  Okay enough with the shameless self-promoting for tonight!  I will see you back here next week for another installment of Mani Monday!!

Happy Fall!

Things I love about fall.

That bit of crispness in the air that heralds the change of seasons. Okay, so I live in California and bit of crispness really is just that,  a bit.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes-cannot get enough of them! Although I do limit them or try to.

I can bust out my fall color palettes with rich tones of plums, greens, golds, and reds.

Boots. And more boots. Boots in every color, calf length, and heel height!  Bring on the boots!

Fall fashion especially this year’s nod to Steampunk fashion.


The possibility of change.

Not only can I change my hair, my style, my lipstick,  but I can also change my path.  I can change my steps to be more in alignment with God’s plan for me.  What that plan is I have not a clue, but He does which is cool.  All I have to do is follow Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.”

So what I truly love about fall is that I get to fall into grace on a daily basis.